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It is normal for folks to hear ‘Axe Throwing’ as a sport or leisure game, and not go all ballistic and hysterical. But Axe Throwing is now the rave of the moment in some urban countries like Canada and the United States. Of a fact, this game is now being regarded as one of the most thrilling, satisfying, communal and safest indoor/ outdoor games you can find around.

Although the Axe throwing game cannot be regarded as a new game in the history of man’s existence, as it is a game that has been around since the Middle Age Era, by knights and soldier. But the fact that it is migrating from the woods to the urban setting, is the reason for its newness.


Yeah, it is quite understandable for this question to be on everyone’s lips, as an axe is one of the most dangerous tools around. But not to worry, axe throwing is one safe game, as it is a game with rules, despite the supposed bestiality of the action. In an organized organization such as Phat Axe, there are enough coaches who are ready and available to teach and monitor ‘throwers’ on the ground.

Also, there are rules and guidelines surrounding the games, which will help keep throwers organized, and out of harm’s way. These guidelines are:

  1. First and foremost, any axe used for this game, must not be too sharpened, to avoid cutting yourself or the other throwers. Your throwing axe mustn’t be as sharp as your cooking knife. You don’t need that much sharpness.
  2. Stay away from the target spot as far away as 6 feet. Endeavor not to make a throw when there are people in front of you, or around the target area.
  3. Don’t rotate the axe to either the left or right, keep it straight before you throw.
  4. Listen to your coach

If all these are strictly adhered to, throwers and everyone in the target room would be kept out of harm’s way.


Axe throwing game is a competitive one. It requires competitions between two groups of throwers play alongside each other. The players from each group get to throw their axes at the same time, at the countdown from the coach.


Throwers should hold their axes firmly in both hands, in a straight manner as written above. Don’t swing your axe in a circle, keep it straight. Throw the axe over your head, lean back and release the axe forward towards the target.

There you have. It is as simple as ABC.

Axe throwing is the new sensation in American Fork, Utah.

Why is Axe Throwing so Addictive?

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Why is Axe Throwing so Addictive?


“It’s the latest craze sweeping the nation!”  You’ve heard it all before. We could go on and on about how axe throwing is one of the fastest-growing hobbies in America.


We could explain the health and social benefits of flinging sharp axes at a wall during an afternoon. It would probably be worthwhile to describe how people are discovering new muscle groups and engaging workouts.  But that doesn’t explain why axe-throwing is so addictive.  We could talk about our Viking roots, and how we naturally want to prepare for battle.  We could talk about how the West was tamed by axe-wielding Paul Bunyan wild men, and how we’re culturally inevitable to connect with our forebears.  We can talk about this or that.  But really, people just like throwing axes at stuff.  It’s really that simple.

Axe throwing in Utah is the new hottest trend in fun group and corporate activitiesAxe throwing is one of those events you used to see on the sports channel on an early Saturday morning. Along with log-rolling, 90-foot speed climbing, hot-dog eating, rally-car racing, and other extreme sports, it’s one of those things that makes us think to ourselves, “Wow, I wish I could do that.”

But unlike speed climbing (not many of us have a 90-foot pole we are willing to climb without safety gear), or extreme wingsuit flying (that’s a one-time attempt for most of us), axe throwing is something you can pick up and try any time you want.

It’s just far enough outside our comfort zone that every throw is as exhilarating as the last. It’s cheap enough that a weekly practice won’t leave you eating ramen for a month. It’s easy enough to learn that anyone can learn. And it’s cool enough that throwing out “I throw axes on Thursday evenings,” will grab anyone’s attention.

That sounds like the perfect recipe for an addictive pastime.

It’s a sport you can play alone, or with a group. You can throw big axes or small ones. The true fun comes from finding out your personal style of throwing sharp objects.  It really is a mysterious force that compels us to throw axes. Whether a natural drive or a cultural instinct, axe throwing is something you can’t just try once. (Trust us). Once you throw an axe it’s hard to forget, and you always want to do “just one more!”

So yes, axe throwing is the latest craze sweeping the nation. If by that you mean like a crazed barbarian sweeping an axe over his head at a wooden block.

Axe throwing venues in Utah County

Axe Throwing – Reinventing Recreation And Creative Dating Ideas

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Axe Throwing In Utah – You won’t find a more creative and fun group or date idea!


For way too long, movie theatres, fancy dinners and 5-class restaurants have been regarded as the staple of a what a good first date or anniversary should consist of.

Fun things to do in Utah County for groups and family events


While there is definitely nothing short of amazing in treating your taste buds to fine cuisines in an expensive restaurant or staring at a movie screen for hours without saying anything to each other, there are arguably far more interesting ways to spice up a date night especially if it’s a group date night.


Axe throwing. Yup, you heard right, Axe throwing is one of the fastest widely-adopted first date and social bonding ideas. It is up high on the list of fun things to do in Utah county. Granted, Eros and Cupid will rather shoot arrows at people all day, but the feeling of throwing an axe at a target is nonetheless very exciting and socially up-charging. The atmosphere at the best axe throwing venue in Utah, Phat Axe, is eclectic and presents a fun way to be interactive with one another. The sport itself requires marksmanship, precision and communication, making it an excellent opportunity to get to actually speak to your date with a casual vibe and you get to learn new skills.


Axe throwing in Utah county is an excellent opportunity to shine in front of your new catch and a fun way to share your humorous and playful personality. This way you get to be unconventional and convey your personality like never before and that’s what dating each other should be about! You will even be in better luck if this is a group thing which presents the opportunity of each pair to bond and take on the rival couple.


Axe throwing venues in Utah County

Even when we burst the love bubble, Axe throwing is still a great way to have family fun and American Fork Axe throwing is undeniably one of the best ways to inject fun as a corporate event idea. From birthdays to bachelor parties, romantic anniversaries to a valentine’s day celebration.

Axe throwing presents the perfect opportunity to create a lasting and memorable impression on your first date, allowing you to engage in something fun, refreshing and exciting that is almost certain to pave way to a continued romance. Even if it isn’t your first date, it still remains a great way to rekindle romance and have fun in the family setting.


Phat Axe currently has a wide array of venues that present the perfect location for Axe throwing in Utah county. Participants are encouraged to bring their food or relax at the bar with the right vibe of music while taking turns to hit at the mark. There is a great scoring feature, safety training and axe throwing technique tutorial that makes it one of the best date ideas in Utah county.

Axe throwing remains something refreshing and out of the box over traditional date nights and corporate events. It’s definitely one of the most snapchat and Instagram-worthy things to do and is definite to being lots of laughs, stress and tension relief.

So, if you’ve been thinking about having that extra special experience, look no more. With no reservations needed, check out phataxe.com and explore the many ways you can make your date night extra special.